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- A -

Aileen Morrison

A Department Manager at Sudbury Towers, Aileen passed away July 16, 2016.

Al Atkins 
Al worked the North Bay store from 1979 - 1986 and then was transferred to Barrie from 1986 until Zellers took over.    


Al Hammond
Mel Rinehart writes: "Al came to Towers from Woolco (east coast I think) in abt 1971/2 I believe he was an assistant manager in Rexdale 43 to start and was promoted to manager in spring of 1973 in Owen Sound 37. Al and I worked together in Owen Sound til he was transferred to North Bay 58 in 1979. He stayed in North Bay as manager until he was promoted to District Manager in 1982/3 and was responsible for the five stores of Sudbury, North Bay, Barrie, Collingwood and Owen Sound Later Bracebridge I believe he is retired in North Bay these days."

Al Leblanc

Towers District Manager, and later Vice-President


Alex Kennedy

Vice-President, Sales and Operations and Operations Manager of Towers

Alex Williams

Towers Westside Mall

Allan MacKinnon

Assistant Manager, Peterborough Towers

Amy Hussey

Finch and Warden Towers

Angela Hollands

Towers North Bay

Angus MacDougall

Store Manager, Towers Marts and Properties Limited


Anna Kazianka

Goreway Towers


Anna Modica
Towers Dufferin and Dupont


Ann Marie Mourot

Sudbury Towers


Ann Spiteri

Goreway Towers

Anne Little
Towers Dufferin and Dupont

Anne McKeller

Greenfield Park 

Anne Reid 
"I worked at Orfus briefly then Airport Rd. working in the mailroom with Cliff then moving to reproduction with Dale and covering the switchboard breaks for Pat and Carmen.. played badly on the baseball team but had many a laugh and met some great people."    

Amy Prope
Amy started her career at Morgans, which became the Hudson’s Bay Company. The last 10 to 15 years of her working career were spent at Towers Department Stores as a head buyer. Amy passed away July 3, 2007, at the age of 91, in Huntsville, Ontario.     


Andre Roch 
Verdun, Quebec     


Ann B. Waller
Ann was employed as a clerk with Towers Department Store in Saint John. She passed away August 4, 2007. 
Anne Marie Brown  
Anne Marie started with Towers in 1973 at the Dixie and Dundas store. 


Ann Walters 
Ann Walters was an employee of the Oshawa Group for 22 years. During that time she worked at Towers Head Office on Orfus Road and was secretary to Bill Atkinson, Don Beaumont, and Hugh Simpson. Anne left for the Corporate Offices for a while but returned for a second stint at Towers in their new offices on Airport Road as secretary to Ed Harsant. 


Arlene Buckton

Supervisor of Health and Beauty Aids, Owen Sound Towers

Art Large
Art worked at Towers from 1971 to 1979 (Jane and Finch, Brampton and Dixie).      

Art McGaughey 
"I worked for Towers for 17 years. It was a great time. I started in store 48, Sudbury, which was known as Bonimart. I was then transferred to store 34 Westside. My manager in Sudbury was Milt Roley. My manager in Westside was Jimmy Parsons. I transferred back to back to Sudbury and then to store 58 where I worked with Al Hammond. When I transferred back to Sudbury the manager was Al Leblanc who became VP of stores. Also worked with Ron Chenier. I noticed a lot of names that I remember like Myrtle Churchill from store 34. Morley Whittle. I enjoyed my time and when Zellers took over I was transferred to Ottawa to store 21 Cyrville. Worked with Wayne LaBrash for a while before he left. I knew a lot of people in head office as I used to buy fishing equipment for the store in North Bay - Tillie Goldberg, Sammy Sing, Dave Bowyer. There are so many names to remember. Joanne Porter. Karen in toys. I left Zellers 14 years ago and now own my own store in the town of Embrun outside of Ottawa. It is a small store of 20,000 square feet and I still love retail business. I likely would still be working for Towers if they hadn't sold it to Zellers. It is surprising how two companies can be so different. The store I own is a Giant Tiger and it is just like being back at Towers. Lots of fun and a enjoyment that you all had at Towers. Thx for starting up the site."

Audrey Freeman
Audrey worked at Towers Jane and Finch from 1969 to 1974 as a cashier and Courtesy Desk staff member. She recalls: "...when busy answer the phones hundreds of times a day with "Towers Jane and Finch, May I help you?" One bright manager decided we should also identify who we not surprising one day at home I answered my home phone..."Towersjane andFinchAudreyspeakingmayIhelpyou". It's still embedded somewhere in my brain."   

Audrey Kulik

Oakville Towers

Audrey Thompson

Woodstock Towers

- B -

Barb Ferrone

Assistant Store Manager Oshawa Group 1981 Annual Report reference

Barb Latour

Towers North Bay

Barb McCloskey

Towers North Bay

Barbara Fox

Sudbury Towers 

Barbara McCloskey

North Bay 

Barry Hanna
Barry worked at the Towers Jane and Finch store.     


Barry Jackson  
Barry worked at the Owen Sound store for 5 years - starting as a stock boy, then Department Manager and finally shipper/receiver. He worked with Al Hammond, Mel Reinhart, Rick Courtois and many others.    

Barry Smith
Barry worked for Towers from 1974 to 1980 at the Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Dixie and Dundas stores.


Beatrice Ouelette

Towers North Bay

Ben "Lefty" Wan

Towers Marts and Properties Limited


Ben Rosenburg

President, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Bert Garcia Gauthier

Snack Bar Manager, Ste. Foy, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Bernice Ferguson
Towers Dufferin and Dupont


Bernice Haggart

Towers North Bay

Bernie Vermette
Bernie started at Towers in 1963. He worked in Cyrville “Ottawa”, Montreal, London, Scarborough and Dixie. After managing numerous stores in Montreal area he was promoted to toy buyer. 


Bettie Parnell

Senior Sales Clerk, Hardware, Peterborough Towers

Betty Bowles

Scarborough, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Betty Foster
Betty worked for about a decade at the Towers in Ottawa.  Grandson, Tony Foster, writes: "My Gran (Betty Foster, RIP 2002) worked for about a decade at the Towers in Ottawa from the mid 70s to 80s (Gloucester at the time, Cyrville Road). When I was 4-7, I did runway modeling of the children's clothes in exchange for a hot wheels toy each week lol. Great times." 


Betty Humphrys

Scarborough Towers

Betty Lansdale

Manageress of the Snack Bar at Dixie, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Betty Mclean

Betty worked at the Towers Lawrence and Midland store.

Betty Secord

Towers North Bay

Bev Stanley

Notions buyer


Bev Theriault

Sudbury Towers

Beverly Hollingshead

Towers North Bay

Bill Casner
Loss Prevention, Towers High Park

Bill Douglas 
Bill started with the chain in 1964 in the Dixie Store Men's Wear Department which at that time was a concessionaire. [In 1968 Oshawa purchased Rockower of Canada Ltd., a firm which operated the men's and boys' departments in 26 of Oshawa's Towers stores.] He went to the old Riteway store in Brampton, the new Riteway store at Carlaw and Gerrard, and was promoted to the buying office. Over the next 20 odd years he held many positions such as buyer, Sr. buyer, Merchandise Manager, Group Merchandise Manager and Vice President Marketing. 


Bill Mitchell

Health and Beauty Aids (H&BA) buyer

Bill Waicus  
Bill started part-time at the Jane and Finch store in 1970. Twenty-two years later, with the company sold, we was "encouraged" to leave -- along with many others -- by the new owners. Things worked out well since. He still lives in Toronto and is the web owner/editor of this site.     


Bill White
Loss Prevention, Towers Head Office

Bill Wright

High Park,Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Birgit Grohmann

Goreway Towers

BJ Arsenault
"I worked for Towers in the Summerside store in the Waterfront Mall on Water Street East for the summer of 1975 when I was 19 years old. I was working in the Records and Cameras section because I had been also a student disc jockey (BJ the DJ on CJRW) since the age of 15 at the local radio station CJRW so it was an appropriate match. Towers is no more there like everywhere else. Zellers took it over as a second Zellers, then closed it down, and there is now a Walmart at the other end of town not far from the surviving Zellers. That radio station which ran the "The last day of one sale ..." jingles is another sign of the times: computer operated, no longer Island or family-owned, and part of a large chain of radio stations."


Blair Lefevre

Assistant Manager, Decare Bonimart; Store Manager, Sorel

Blossom Cousins

Sudbury Towers

Bob Clubley   
Bob worked at the Towers Rexdale store for 14 years as department manager of Toys, Sporting Goods and Seasonal and, later, Hardware/Housewares. 


Bob Code

Towers North Bay

Bob Dearden

Vice President Merchandising HardLines, Towers Head Office


Bob Goulet

Towers Marts and Properties Limite

Bob Hogg
Bob passed away a couple years ago. Mel Reinhart writes: "Bob was a good friend and I miss him. Bob passed away a couple years ago...way to young. He came to Towers via Riteway I believe (before my time). I first remember him as the opening store manager in the brand new superstore in Rexdale 43. It was a gorgeous thing back in 1970/71. He managed Aldershot for a time but I can't remember if it was before or after Rexdale. I know he was in the buying office for a time as Record Dept Buyer and I think ran Gas Bars for Oshawa Group as well for a time. He spent a lot of time as District Manager in Toronto west side and the Golden Horseshoe stores. I know he was my boss as DM in the early 80's in Owen Sound & Collingwood."

Bob Martin

Administrator Advertising and Sales Promotion, Towers Head Office


Bob Nield

Manager Replenishment, Towers Head Office

Bob Pierson
Bob worked at the Towers Jane and Finch and Dixie stores as Manager. 

Bob Roberts

"My very first job was stock boy at Towers store (Dixie & Dundas) Mississauga 1967. 20 yrs later ('84-'86) I drove the Mississauga to Montreal switch truck for towers with return stops at Ottawa, Sudbury, North Bay, Peterborough."


Brenda Andrew

Towers North Bay

Brenda (Larabee) Lanetta 
Brenda started with Towers in 1979 and worked there until 1997 in various positions: cashier, security and department manager.    


Brent McKee

Worked at Towers Jane and Finch.

Brian Cady
Loss Prevention, Towers Head Office

Brian Etmanski 

Towers North Bay

Brian Grell

Towers Westside Mall

Brian Hillier
Brian worked at the Scarborough Towers store in the early '70s in security.     


Brian McDowell

"I worked at the Towers store at Midland and Lawrence when I was back in high school."

Brian Sanford

"I worked at Towers Cyrville."

Brian Munro

"I worked at Jane and Finch from 1984 til 1988, starting as a stock boy, later moving to H&BA, Records and Radios and the cigarette counter.  I can still recall some of the people and specific brands they bought."

Brian Watson


Brian Weeks


Bruce Downey

Store Manager at High Park

Bruce Peck
Worked at Towers Scarborough

Bruce Thorpe

Worked at Towers Rexdale

Bud Anderson

Worked at Kipling and Queensway and Prince Edward Square, Saint John NB.

Byrne Volt

Kitchener Towers

- C -

C. Petrachek

Stoney Creek, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Carole Miller

Carole writes "I started with Towers in Sudbury in 1974, worked for them till it purchases. Stores that were Towers that I have work in was the old Barrie store (to help clear) & the new Barrie Store (to help set-up), the Bracebridge Store (to help set-up), Finch & Warden (but at the time it was Zellers) as I return after a month of been off. I also work in store #58."

Carolyn Redden
Carolyn passed away May 4, 2017. She worked at the Towers Department Store in New Minas.


Caroline Robinson

Manager, Kent Drugs Pharmacy, Riverdale Towers

Carmen Zammit

Towers Head Office

Carrie Goehle

Shoe department, Jane & Finch

Cathie Gillies 

Towers North Bay

Cathy Harris

Towers High Park 


Claudette Gilbert

Ste. Foy, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Cecile (Cayen) Bradley  
Cecile worked at the Towers Sudbury store for many years.  She passed away May 26, 2010 in Sudbury.     

Celine Byrne
Celine worked as a cashier at the Towers Scarborough store from 1986 to 1987 and recalls "...great times working there with those red uniforms."  


Charlotte Landry

Ste. Foy 

Cheryl Hickey-Singh  
Cheryl worked at the Dixie store from 1977 - 1980 as a part time cashier, also working the "cash room" on weekends 1979 - 1980.    


Cheryl Moyle

Sudbury Towers

Cherylyn A. Booth 
Cherylyn worked in the IT department at Towers Head Office.    

Chris Brown

Store Manager

Chris Collins

Assistant Manager, Kent Drugs Pharmacy, Riverdale Towers

Chris Davies

Worked at Riverdale store #30.


Chris MacLean

Goreway Towers

Christine Rougeau

Buyer Maternity and Half Sizes, Towers Head Office

Chuck Newton

Assistant Buyer Hardware, Jane & Finch Towers

Cindy M. Hudson
Cindy worked the Kipling/Queensway store from 1980 through to 1986, in the Toys, Seasonal and Sporting Goods departments.  

Claude J. Leduc

Claude Vaillancourt

Kipling Towers

Cliff Adams

Cliff worked at Towers Head Office

Colleen McParland Parker  
Colleen worked at the Towers North Bay store from 1979 to 1985 as a cashier. She "...just loved the old Sweda cash registers since I got to push a lot of buttons. I didn't have nails back then either so it made me even faster =)."    

Colleen Sweeney

Personal Manager, Towers department store, July 1978 – September 1989


Colleen Zuber
Colleen was the Towers buyer for paint and automotive, lawn and gardening, from 1973 to 1990.

Connie Arsenault

Towers Scarborough, 1974 to 1985 


Connie Camillo Gillies

Menswear Jane & Finch

Conrad Kameka

Towers Westside Mall

Corrine Thurber

Worked at Towers Brampton.

Craig Jackman

He writes " used to work at the Kanata store, started there before it opened in fact … ah, the memories … Planograms … and still might have one of the crappy red jackets in the back of the closet."

- D -

Daisey Lauther

London, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Dale Bryon

Sudbury Towers

Dale Murray

Towers Brantford store (August 1969 to May 1970, then 1974 until 1980)

Dale Stokoe

Dale was a district manager for Belleville, Peterborough, and the Ottawa stores. He passed away March 28, 2004 in the Peterborough area at the age of 79.     

Dan Russell

Dan Russell was an Assistant Manager at Dixie/Dundas.

Daniel Roch 
Décarie Square

Danny Kennedy 

Towers North Bay

Darlene Bates 

Towers North Bay

Dave Balfour

Worked at Towers Rexdale.

Dave Bowyer


Dave Hawthorne 
Dave worked at the Barrie store from 1985-1989. Midnight Madness sales were rough... "(I) just about got knocked out by a lady fighting for a 2L glass bottle of Coke 4 for 25 cents."  

Dave Jones 
Dave worked at many stores including Brampton, Dixie, High Park, Rexdale, and Sudbury. He particularly recalls that "Bruce Downey our store manager at High Park was like a father to all of us" and that the "Sudbury stores grand opening was the craziest".  


Dave Kerr

Worked at Towers (Scarborough store - Midland and Lawrence).

Dave Morrow
After helping security take down a shoplifter at a Towers store, Dave decided to say goodbye to Towers when the shoplifters gun fell out of his pocket! He started, at the age of 16, as a stock clerk at Towers Rexdale. Later he became a supervisor at Jane & Finch.     


Dave Steller

Manager Merchandise Presentation, Towers Head Office

Dave Furlatt

Metropolitan store, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

David Christopher Bamber

Assistant Head Cashier, Sudbury Bonimart

David Furlatt

Department Manager, Metropolitan, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

David Melanson
"I was the first cook in the Towers Villager Restaurant when it first opened at the Galleria store."

David Rabinovits

IT Project Leader from 1984 to 1988.

David Turner

Worked at Towers Head Office.

Dawn Kane Morrison 

Towers North Bay

Debbie Morse
Debbie worked at the Towers Riverdale store. 


Debi McMillan

Towers Westside Mall

Deborah Dowdall
Deborah worked in the Data Processing Department from 1972 until 1988 at the Towers Head Office.     


Debra Snowball

District Supervisor, Loss Prevention, Towers Department Stores, January 1981 – August 1994

Denise Cornish


Denise Koch

Worked at Towers Scarborough.

Denise Leggatt

Worked at the Jane and Finch store.

Denise Miedzinski

Denise Parisien 

Towers North Bay

Diane Fantinlo

Worked at Jane & Finch.

Diane Haley

Sudbury Towers

Diane Lanteigne

Sudbury Towers

Diane McMeekin 

Towers North Bay

Diane Renaud 

Towers North Bay

Diane Young  
Diane worked at the Towers Head Office on Orfus Road from 1979 to 1991. She worked in many areas including the reproduction department and supply room. "After Pat retired I took her position on reception/switchboard... until closure. I was transferred to Oshawa Foods on Viscount from 1991 - 2001 as a switchboard/receptionist. I then decided to leave and move to Winnipeg with my family."


Dick Rabin

Metropolitan store, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Dick Gaynor

Personnel Director, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Don Beaumont
Associated with Towers since 1977, Donald A. Beaumont held the positions of vice president of marketing and executive vice-president and chief executive officer. In 1991 he was appointed president and chief executive officer of K Mart Canada Ltd. Later, he was President of Beaumont & Associates, Retail Consultants. Board memberships and affiliations include: Committee Chair, The North West Company; Board Member, The North West Company; Member of Board of Advisors, QLogitek. He passed away August 28, 2013.

Don Cameron


Don Elliott

High Park Towers

Don Jaffey

Chairman of the Board of Allied Towers Merchants Limited, and Director, Towers Marts International

Donna Corcoran

Notions buyer

Donna Douglas

Department Manager, Stratford Towers

Doreen Vacon Lohuis

"I used to work at Towers Riverdale when I was 16 years old . When it rained very hard the store would flood."

Dorothy Aqualina

Kipling Towers

Dorothy Irene Dawson

Dorothy’s priority was raising her family and was a stay at home mom until she went to work at Towers department store in 1981. She retired in 1996 from The Bay. She passed away November 23 2018.

Dorothy Lee

Goreway Towers

Dorothy Sharples

District Manager Villager Restaurant

Dot Beagan

Worked on the Courtesy Desk at the Scarborough store.

Dot Edwards 

Towers North Bay

Doug Johnson
Towers Scarborough store.

Doug Waddell
Towers Head office buyer. "Doug" Waddell passed away in Sauble Beach on June 26, 2010 at the age of 75.    

- E -

Earl Wilson

Store Manager of store #59 Bridlewood Mall

Ed Keenan
Towers Dufferin and Dupont

Edie Andrews
Towers Head Office buyer

Edna Cook

Goreway Towers


Edna May


Edna Prain  

Towers Head Office 

Edward (Ed) C. Harsant
Ed Harsant held the position of vice president of Operations at Towers. He left Towers to become vice president of merchandising for Kmart Canada. Harsant joined The Business Depot as president in January 1995. In 2000 he took on the position of president, North American Superstores for Staples. He now sits on the board of directors of the Empire Company Limited - a Canadian company whose key businesses include food retailing and related real estate. Oshawa Group 1981 Annual Report reference

Eleanor Carins 

Towers North Bay

Eleanor Constant 

Towers North Bay

Eleanor Whalen
Towers Dufferin and Dupont

Elise Filion

Department Manager,Towers Department Store, July 1980 – September 1987

Ely Siegel

Vice President in Charge of Merchandising and Advertising, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Elizabeth Pell

High Park, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Elva Kozack

Aldershot Towers

Emily Twigg 
Emily worked at several stores and at the Towers Head Office for a total of 24 years.    


Emily White 

Towers North Bay

Eric Richardson 
Currently living in Kitchener, Ontario, Richard started with Towers full time in 1962 in the High Park store. Over his 28 years with Towers he held a number of positions in the Toronto area stores and for a time was a Merchandise Specialist on the road covering Toronto, Northern Ontario along with Peterborough and Belleville.     

Ernie Koenig

Estelle Deere


- F -

Faldo Palermo

Sporting Goods buyer.

Fernando Gomes 
Fernando worked at a series of Towers stores from 1966 to 1982: Dixie, Scarborough # 21, High Park, Riverdale, Bridlewood Mall finally Peterborough. He went on to Radio Shack, later to become The Source. He retired in 2007.  

Fiori Pedi

Towers Westside Mall

Florence Lessard

Bonimart Chateauguay

Fran Wilcox

Goreway Towers

Francis Doyle

Francis Doyle worked at Tower's in Charlottetown, PEI for many years.

Franco Parrotta
Towers Dufferin and Dupont

François Belgiorno 
François started his career in 1970 with Rockower of Canada, at that time, the Men's Wear concession at Towers. When Towers bought Rockower, he joined the Towers buying group in Montreal as a junior buyer. Over the years he was promoted to Buyer for Children's Wear and then Ladies Wear.     


Francois Duquet

Merchandise Specialist, Towers Head Office

Frank  Belair

Greenfield Park, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Frank Grossi
Towers Systems Analyst (1984 - 1987).

Frank Seifert

Sudbury Towers

Frank Tucci
Loss Prevention, Towers High Park

Fred Campbell

First store manager at Towers North Bay.

Fred Cohen

Store Planning Director, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Fred Volkes

Sudbury Towers

Freda Levene Grover

Worked at Towers Department Store in New Minas.  During her 13 years at Towers, as a department manager, she won many contests for her creative displays. She passed away November 6, 2015.


- G -


Gail Simpson

Goreway Towers


Gail Zaios

Department Manager, Dufferin and Dupont Towers


Gary Burrows

Towers Westside Mall

Gaye-Anne Overholt-Noiles 
Gaye-Anne worked in the Towers St. Catherine store (1965 - 1970), as did her mom (Naomi Overholt) and aunt (Margaret McCarthy). She married Wayne Noiles in 1970.   


George Balaz

George came to Canada in 1937. A tailor by trade, he owned and operated B & M Dry Cleaners in Welland and following the sale of the business he worked at Towers Department Store until his retirement. He passed away in 2015.

George Carraire
George worked at the Towers Jane and Finch store.     

George Campbell

George was a Store Manager and a District Manager. Paul Nowlan (Store Manager) writes May 13, 2019: "Sad news I received today of the passing of my friend George Campbell. He was living in Port Rowan on Lake Erie." Obituary

George Gough

Assistant Manager at Bridlewood store.

Gerald Albert
Jeff Albert writes in 2008: "My dad Gerald Albert, his father Irving S. Albert, his uncle Alan Albert, and his brother Harvey Albert were all from the original group that started this great chain. He and his father sold their family business Albert's Hardware Stores to open the Hardware & Houseware Concessions at what used to be called Allied Towers. 

My father along with many other original concessioners, opened the 1st store on November 20th, 1960. In fact, he went onto to physically open 47 more. My dad started as the Houseware buyer and eventually was promoted to Merchandise Manager Houseware/Hardware/Pet. 

My father left Towers in 1974 to become the Vice President of Kent Drugs Limited another great company owned and operated by the Oshawa Group. My father will be 75 this year and has since retired. He now works with me 5 days a week in the Import and Distribution business. Can't keep a good man down!" Gerald passed away August 17, 2009.  


Germain Morin

Germain passed November 23, 2004. She had worked at Sudbury Towers store for 15 years retiring in 1987. 

Gertie Kennedy

Supervisor Children's Wear, Dixie Towers

Gertrud Koch
Gertrud passed away July 29, 2017. She worked for many years at Towers Department Store in Waterloo and took an early retirement in her sixties.

Gilbert Massé

Store Manager, Chateauguay

Giles Charlesbois

Towers Head Office

Gilles Cloutier

"I worked there as a cashier for my first job at Cyrville. Didn't last long. You needed to know what to and not charge tax in. I am certain some people had a tax free day and other not so lucky."

Gisele Blanchet


Giselle Endrizzi (Russo)

Senior Sales Clerk, Records, Jane & Finch Towers

Gloria Campbell

Towers Head Office

Gloria Silbernagel 
Gloria was an Inventory Control Manager for 27 years.

Glyn Hacking

General Manager, Hypermarche Laval

Gord Adams 

Gord writes in 2009: "I do miss the fun working at Towers Head Office with all the people but Greg Rambo was my favourite employee there. He would come to the mailroom and pick my dad so bad he wouldn't have a chance against him. But hey, I got my shots against Greg and loved those moments.  I left the company and came back later to work with Oshawa Foods Head Office. The people were great, but the Towers staff, well they were family and one better. This is one company saw its own death come reality once "PAPA" Ray Wolfe passed away. He was one man whose hand I shook not only at Towers Head Office, but Oshawa Foods Head Office and East Mall Office. He was a very friendly person who loved to talk to the staff and get their feedback. R.I.P. "PAPA" Ray."

Gord Murray

Gordon Murray (Vice President Personnel)


Gord Thom
Loss Prevention, Towers High Park

Guy Robichaud

Guy worked at the Bonimart warehouse in Quebec.

Greg Rambo
Greg held the positions of Assistant Store Manager (1997 – 1999), Manager Image Centre Operations (1997 – 1998) and Manager Sales Promotion (1991 – 1997).  

Greg Layton MacDonald

"I was working there,at Towers Galleria when the mall opened. $2.25 per hour in 72. While there I dropped job applications to Canada Post and
CP rail."

Gwen Kanerva

Sudbury Towers

- H - 

Helen Bodnick  

Department Manager, Galleria

Helen Dabrowski

Stoney Creek 

Helen Di Filippo

Towers Head Office.

Helen McKercher 

Towers North Bay

Helen McLeary 

Towers North Bay

Helen Sheerin

Head Cashier, Jane & Finch Towers and Staff Supervisor, Westside Towers

Helen “Nellie“ Storin

Nellie worked for Towers Department Store for many years before retiring. Helen passed away April 2, 2009.     

Helene Dusseault

St-Jean Bonimart

Henry Louie

Sudbury Towers

Henry J. (Hank) Sukoff

Store Manager, Stoney Creek and High Park, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Hilda Brideau
Hilda worked at the Saint John Towers Department Store for over 15 years. She passed away August 30, 2008.  


Horst Shultz

Towers Head Office.

Howard Bidloff

Howard worked on the operations end of the planogram program.

Hugh Simpson

Vice President Merchandise Services

Hughette Cantin

Fashion Supervisor at Duvernay Laval.

- I -

Inderjeet K. Kharpal

Profit-planning Coordinator, 1986 - 1988

Iona Cumming

Sudbury Towers

Iona Hixson  
Iona started as a cashier in the Jane & Finch store and went on to become Store Manager many years later after working in all departments including Inventory Control. Her first store as Manager was in the Westside Mall. Her last store was in the Bridlewood Mall store at Finch & Warden. 


Iona Kenneally

Department Supervisor at Towers store in Cyrville (Ottawa) store number 51.

Irene Bricker

Cash Room Clerk, Jane & Finch Towers

Irving Beckerman

President, Allied Towers Merchants Limited

Isadore Roitman

Vice President Merchandising Soft Lines, Towers Head Office

Ivana Pannozzo
Ivana worked at the Dufferin & Dupont Towers store from 1979 to 1988 as cashier.     

- J -

J. McIntyre 
First job was at the Towers store in London while in high school (1981-84). 

Jack Fisher

Rick Keddy writes "Anyone in the Owen Sound store remember our maintenance man Jack Fisher - what a guy!"

Jack Genser
Mr. Genser was, for a period of time early in the history of Towers, Vice President and General Manager of Towers Department Stores of Canada - later to become Group Vice President General Merchandise, Oshawa Corporate.   

Jack Graber

Vice President and General Manager of Towers Marts International, Inc.

Jack Ruden 

Towers Head Office

Jackie Hughes
Jackie started at Towers Head Office at the age of 19 and stayed for 18 years. She recalls that "Doug Waddell was the greatest influence any young buyer could possibly have in their early career" and "... credit that time for making me the business person I am today." She held the positions of Buyer, Boys 4-18 Apparel (1987 – Jan 1991), Bedding (1981 – 1987) and Hardware (1976 – 1981).


Jacqueline Shaftoe-Stonhill 
Jacqueline started at Towers Head Office in the advertising/sales promotion department, then moved to the Mens & Boys Wear department. 


Jacques Valence

Jacques worked at Décarie Square, and was a District Manager.

James (Jamie) Defreitas
Jamie started as a stock clerk and worked his way up to a supervisor in the Rexdale store. He left after thirteen years - when the store closed.     


Jane Clarkson

"I worked in the head office 110 Orfus Road from 1974-1979. I left as a Home Furnishings Buyer, worked for Doug Waddell as my boss. I bought curtains and draperies, and the category of lighting. I also worked with Ron Furgeson. Don Beaumont became the CEO. I did a lot of store visits also, and I knew there was 50 stores back then. I also remembered that a lot of the curtains and drapes were supplied by Daisy Decorative, The Cader family."

Jane Denison McKenzie 
Jane worked at the Towers Head Office at 10 Orfus Road from 1974-1979. She left as a Home Furnishings Buyer.

Janet Radboume

Towers Head Office

Janet Robinson

Director Advertising and Sales Promotion, Towers Head Office

Janette Ellies

Systems Analyst, 1986 - 1990

Janice Sullivan

"I worked at Towers Jane & Finch for a short while. Still have dreams of folding folding folding clothes."

Jason Brown

Shoe department manager (Morse Shoes), Galleria 

Jean-Guy Chabot


Jean King
Jean was employed for many years with the Metropolitan Store and later with Towers Store in Bedford. 

Jean Langille 

Towers North Bay

Jean Paul Pare

Longueil Bonimart

Jean Subryan

Towers Head Office

Jennie Curtsbaine

Jane & Finch 

Jeanine Lapensee

Cashier, Ste. Foy, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Jenny Szwec

Sudbury Towers

Jeff Sutton 
Jeff worked at Towers #27, Waterloo (Bridgeport Road), from 1984 until 1989. He recalls working in electronics, moving later to the photo lab after the "Store of the Future" renovation. He remembers that Towers was ahead of the times when it introduced barcode scanning! 


Jerry "Sparky" Beller

Greenfield Park,, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Jill Deeder

Towers Head Office

Jim Drysdale

Worked at Towers Rexdale.

Jim Forbes

Worked at the Head Office from 1979 until 1990.

Jim French

Assistant Store Manager

Jim Morningstar

Pet Department, St. Catherines, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Jim Murphy 

Towers North Bay

Jim Parsons

Manager Westside store

Jim Wilks

"I worked as a stock boy in the Brantford Towers in 1972 to 1974. My memories are of being a fill-in cashier during the Christmas rush and the great race between myself and any other stockboys on duty whenever the restaurant Red Grille called for a stock boy. The first one there to help them change the big milk boxes got a free drink. Life wasn't much better!"

Joan McMeekin

North Bay Towers

Joan Harrison

St. Catherines, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Joan Russell 

Towers North Bay

Jo-Anne Porter

Jo-Anne worked at Towers Head Office on on Orfus Rd and on Airport Road, Ad Control, toys, menswear and notions buyers. 

Joanne Crooks 

Towers North Bay

Jocelyne Godin

"I work in the Bonimart (Place St-Jean ) #49  from June 1980 to 1990. It was my first job and I have good memories of it."

Joel Myerson

Joel worked as an Information Center Analyst for Towers from 1985 to 1988.

John Candy

Part-time, in the pet department, at Towers Scarborough - store #21 (1986-69). Went on to become a recognized comedic actor.

John Charlton

Jane and Finch store

John Degagne 

Towers North Bay

John Evangelista

Towers, Manager, Dufferin and Dupont

John Glass

"I was a Towers security person when Towers opened in Brantford. Ken Balkwell was the regional boss."

John Hamblin

Senior Sales Clerk, Toys and Stationery, Peterborough Towers

John Iannone  

Westside and High Park stores

John Macdonald 

Towers Head Office

John McLaughlin

St. Catherine's Assistant Manager, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

John Policelli

Goreway Towers

John Rowe

Supervisor Central Receiving, Peterborough Towers

John Scholl

London Towers


John Share

Vice President Distribution

John Skelly

John Smith

"My first job after university was at Towers HO on Airport Rd in store location planning...was that at the end and have met so many who miss the stores.. good job, wonderful people.. really miss the stores.."

John Thiessen

Buyer Hardware, Towers Head Office

John Vittello

Towers Head Office buyer

Joseph Rodney Desjardin

North Bay Towers

Josephine Prestia

Josephine had been an employee of the Niagara Falls Towers Department store for many years, She enjoyed her Tuesday lunches with her friends from Towers. She passed away in 2008.    

Joy Holley

Goreway Towers

Joy Ogle

Towers North Bay

Judy French 

Judy worked at Riverdale Towers where Liz Grogan was Personal Manager when Judy was hired. She also worked at Food City and the upstairs Drug City (then bought out by Knob Hill Farms). 

Julie Capiato

Towers Westside Mall

June Main

Assistant to Vice-President Ed Harsant

June (Mom) Twynam

Head Office, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

- K -

Karen Baillargeon

Toy buyer - boys and girls

Karen Baker  

Karen work at the Towers London store from 1975 to 1987.    

Karen Rambo (nee Schmidt) 

Karen remembers "A whole lot of work and a whole lot of fun!" working for Towers.   


Karen Simpson

"I worked in the Montreal office of Towers from about 1980 to 1990 when they closed. I started as a summer student replacing on switchboard with Laurence, and working in general office management with Mr. Mcnally?. When an opening came as an assistant buyer I jumped at it. I moved from assistant to buyer under the tutorial of John Vittello and Myrna Libman. What a great office it was over the years with Rhonda, Francoise, Francois, Angelo, Lynn etc." 

Karen Thompson (Zeigler)

"Would love to hear from people who worked at Cyrville 42. I worked there from '73 to '90 when it changed to Zellers. I remember actually looking forward to going to work - great bunch of people!!! We worked hard but had fun doing it!"

Karin Gohm
Worked as a store clerk, and cashier, at the Niagara Falls Towers store

Kathy Levy 

Kathy worked at Towers in Bedford Nova Scotia and still works with some of her Towers Buddies at Marks Work Warehouse. She says, "Younger people always say wow this must have been some place to work. We say yeah it was. Good evening shoppers the time is now 10 minutes to 10. Towers closing time is 10 p.m. please bring all final purchases to the front checkouts. Thank you and have a pleasant evening."  

Kathy Lott

Towers North Bay

Kathy Stivin
Kathy provided IT services from 1981 - 1984.    

Kathy Trachsel

London Towers

Kathleen Roy

Metropolitan, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Kay Judge

London Towers

Kay Warner

Senior Sales Clerk, Domestics, Peterborough Towers

Kieth Gill

Assistant Store Manager, Jane and Finch

Ken Balkwell

Worked in the Loss Prevention department.

Ken Zimmerman

North Bay Store Manager. 

Kenneth Herbolic

Programmer Analyst, Towers Department Stores, Aug 1990 – Sep 1990

Kerry Soares

Kevin Ballantyne
Ken was a Profit Planning Manager from 1989 - 1991.

Kim Grant
Assistant Manager Peterborough Towers 76 to 86; Assistant Manager Cole Harbour when it opened in 87.

Kimberly Joliy
"I worked at Towers from the age of 16 when I moved out on my own. I started working in the stores - Rexdale, Jane & Finch and Midland and Lawrence. Then I took a full time position at the Orfus Rd office which got moved to Airport Rd. I loved working with Ron Ferguson and Donna Corcoran in the office. It was a great place to be while I went through my pregnancies. It was a great place to launch my career. I miss everyone and still miss being in retail."

Kostas Loutrianakis

"I worked at the Riverdale store in 1986. I had the best Dept Manager ever Debbie Morse."

Kypros Perikleous
Jane/Finch stockboy 1987-1988.


- L -

Larry Dobbs 
Larry now lives in Kitchener. He worked at the Jane & Finch, Dixie and Stratford stores. He left Towers in 1989.     


Laurie Chirico

Towers North Bay

Laureen Shonaman
Laureen worked for a time as Head Cashier at the Saint John Towers. She passed away November 2, 2010.      


Laurent (Larry) Chapman  
Larry Chapman worked for Towers department store and then for Zeller's in New Minas. He passed away August 19, 2007.     


Lee Farrell-Routhier

"My first job was in the snack bar Brampton Towers."

Lee Sampson

Towers Head Office

Lena Gorzynski

Sudbury Towers

Leni Wieder-Jensen 
Leni started with Towers in Training & Development under Michelle Ball (Darling) and Gordon Murray, 1980 - 1990. 

Leoni Tyson
Towers Dufferin and Dupont

Les Payton

Worked in the Towers Rexdale store.

Lia Quaranta

"I was cashier/customer service desk at Jane & Finch."

Lillian Lavalee

St. Jean

Lillian Rubel

Goreway Towers

Lily Gordon

Finch and Warden Towers

Linda Duncan

Worked at the Scarborough store.

Linda Neilson  
"I worked at Towers from 1979 until the closure in 1991. On Orfus Rd, I worked in the "Reproduction Dept", "Mailroom" and "Switchboard". On Airport Rd, I worked in the "Sign Shop/Typesetting Dept" and "Switchboard". I remember Cliff in the Mailroom and his young helper Gord."     


Linda Scott


Linda Symes
From 1973 to 1975, Linda worked as Store Operations Manager at Towers Dixie.     

Linda Pattison

Worked at the High Park store 1968- 1970.

Linda Villella

Towers Welland

Lisa Lake  
Lisa worked at Towers Head Office in Malton starting in 1988. She was in the Food Services Division and Store Operations alongside people such as Marlene Kershaw, Susan Sutherland, Doug Johnson, and Paul Zettel. Lisa lays claim to be one of the last people to walk out of the old building when they shut it down.     


Lissa DeChamplain  
Lisa started at the Towers Airport Road Head Office to, as she recalls, "...cover mat leave for Diane on switchboard".  She was temporarily put into the "Sign shop/Print shop", then "...worked for Janet in advertising for a ...couple of years until I joined the buying group, where I worked with Bob McDonald. The last time I seen the gang was at the good-bye party Bob organized. I had just had my baby three days before the party, but nothing was going to stop me from attending!"     


Liz Downey
Liz worked at the Towers Jane/Finch in H&BA. 

Liz Grogan
Liz worked at the Towers Riverdale store. 

Lois Cowick
Although Lois worked for 23 years in security at Towers department stores (Ottawa), she always said that the proudest accomplishment was her children. "God blessed me with wonderful kids. I couldn't have lived through the (last) four years without them. They were always there. They always looked after me, always there if I needed them." Lois passed away December 29, 2004.     


Lorene Holmes

Towers North Bay

Loretta Ann McLean
Loretta passed away October 4, 2017. Loretta worked in retail for Towers Department store for many years. 

Lorraine Gibbons

Galleria Towers

Lorraine Lochmantz

Worked at Jane & Finch store.

Lorri Heath

Westside Towers Oshawa Group 1981 Annual Report reference

Louisa Mammola

Goreway Towers

Louise Mayrand

Jewellery Buyer, Montreal, 1984 - 1989

Louise McGowan

Sudbury Towers

Louise Rochon

Sudbury Towers

Louis MacKenzie

Assistant Manager, New Minas Towers

Ludvina DeClou

Head Cashier, Jane & Finch Towers

Lynda Waller

Supervisor Menswear, Owen Sound Towers

Lynette Walsh
Lynette worked at the North Bay store from 1981 to 1986 as a store clerk in various departments.  Lynette passed away August 2019 in Kingston.

Lynn Hopper

Towers North Bay

Lynne Sutherland

Woodstock Towers

Lynn Goldenberg

Buyer Handbags and Accessories, Towers Head Office

- M -

Mac Sinclair 
Mac worked in Owen Sound, Belleville and Kanata. 

Madeleine Stewart

Towers Head Office.

Madeline Tauchman

Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Marg Tipping

Marg worked in the restaurant at Towers London 

Marga Nickus

Sudbury Towers. Janin Nickus writes "Hi. This is the first time I've seen this website/info. My mother, Marga Nickus, is on your list of alumni. She passed away June 25, 2019. She was close friends with Aileen Morrison - both who lived in Azilda."

Margaret Boucher

Peterborough Towers

Margaret Deguire

Sudbury Towers

Margaret Flower 
Margaret was the Personnel Manager (PM) at Jane & Finch from 1970 until 1987. When the PM positions were eliminated, she worked in Inventory Control until her retirement in 1989.   


Margaret Hay

Goreway Towers

Margaret Jolluet

Waterloo Towers

Margaret McCarthy
Margaret worked in the Towers St. Catharines store, as did her niece Gaye-Anne Overholt-Noiles.     

Margaret Slavin

Supervisor, Tobacco Department, Dixie Towers

Margaret (Hines) Sweeney 
Margaret was born in Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia and lived most of her life in New Waterford, moving to Ontario in 1968 where she was employed with Towers Department Stores until her retirement. Margaret passed away March 2008.    

Margaret Thomson

Goreway Towers

Marge Bailey

Towers North Bay

Marguerite Dowdall-Bulger
Marguerite worked at the Towers Head Office on Orfus Road from 1977 to 1980.     

Maria Andrushenko

High Park Towers

Maria Kaldy

Maria Ribeiro

Maria worked at the Towers Goreway store.

Marie Bonazza

Goreway Towers

Marie Taylor

"I worked at Towers - my first job at age 16. I worked in the Pet Department. 1976 – 1979"

Marie Raganuskas

Sudbury Towers

Marie Alfreda Bouchard
Born in Sudbury, she worked at K-Mart and Towers Department Stores. Marie passed away June 5, 2008.     


Mariellen Penrose 
Mariellen worked at the Towers Rexdale Store.     

Mariellen Penrose

"Worked in the Towers Dept Store in the Rexdale Plaza, biggest store-2 floors- with special escalator taking the shopping carts from one floor to another. watching the ads being filming in the Store, the one I remember most-- for rugs.. curtains etc..."

Marion Boddy

Towers North Bay

Marjorie Phyllis Boulter

Marnie passed away March 26, 2018. She worked at the Towers store in New Brunswick.

Marilyn Mazzotta

Towers Head Office

Marina Pinteric

Sudbury Towers

Marina Sealy

Sudbury Towers

Mario Larame

Assistant Manager, Duvernay Bonimart

Marion Body

"Marion loved to laugh, make others laugh with her and used to always say: 'It's better to make people laugh than cry.' She greeted locals and visitors for almost twenty years at the former Towers department store in North Bay." Marion passed away February 12, 2019 at the age of 97.

Marion Duggan

New Minas 

Marion Law

Supervisor at Cyrville (Ottawa) store.


Mark Hopper

Towers North Bay

Martin Cato 
Martin was SVP & CFO at Towers from 1978 - 1981 and is "...alive and well and living in Upper Nyack, New York and officially retired as I have reached an age where I correctly appear to be generally considered unemployable."     

Marla Zand

Greenfield Park, Towers Marts and Properties Limited


Marlene Van Goch-Holland 

"I worked there from 68 to 72. Great store.  Plains Road store."

Marnie Boulte

Marnie passed away March 26, 2018. She worked at a Towers east coast store.


Marsh Littler

Department Manager at Towers Dixie.

Marshall H. Jones

Director, Towers Marts International

Maryann Zufferli

Sudbury Towers

Mary-Ann Holz

Aldershot, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Mary Findlay

"I worked in Towers at Lawrence and Midland for 15 years. My name at that time was Mary Baillie and I worked on the courtesy desk with Myrna Camilleri, Linda Duncan, Dot Beagan and Sheila Cox. I always took my break with Betty Mclean. I loved working at Towers and think it was just like an extended family because everyone knew each other. "

Mary Hives

Towers North Bay

Mary Kaponay

Supervisor H & BA, Jane & Finch Towers

Mary Barbara Colvin

Mary worked at the Stoney Creek Towers. She passed away September 9, 2017.

Mary Krakocki

High Park Towers

Mary Rodger

Goreway Towers


Mary Schmidt

Stratford Towers

Mary Soave

Niagara Falls 

Mary Findlay 
Mary worked at the Lawrence and Midland Towers store for 15 years, most of the at the Courtesy Desk.      


Mary Weisflock

Towers North Bay

Maryanne Bruce

Towers North Bay

Max Sohler

Waterloo manager, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Max Wolfe 
Max Wolfe was a grocer and businessman born in Lithuania in 1893 and raised near Newmarket, Ontario. At age 16, with $25 cash and a $60 loan, he bought a horse, wagon and load of apples and went into business. In 1914, he launched Ontario Produce Co. to supply army bases. The operation expanded to become known as the Oshawa Group Ltd. and at his death it included IGA, Food City, Dutch Boy, Towers Department Stores and Drug City. Max Wolfe passed away in 1987.     

Meg Crockett

Towers North Bay

Mel Friedman

Merchandise Manager , Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Melia Ransom

Sudbury Towers

Melita Camelleri

Goreway Towers

Mellanie Hughston 

I worked at Jane & Finch from 1987 and 88 - before they converted to Zellers. It was my first job. Time flies."

Mel Rinehart 
Mel worked for Towers from 1970 until 1987. We worked in the Oakville, Stoney Creek, Owen Sound, and Collingwood stores. 


Michael Balz 
Michael Balz worked at Towers of Rexdale from 1975 to 1978, working mainly in Hardware and Pets. It was his first great first job, being only 17 when he started.  


Michael Puchta

A long-time Towers employee in Nova Scotia, Michael passed away May 17, 2015.

Michael Quartermain

Store Manager, Towers Department Stores Ltd, 1979 – 1980

Michel Charlebois 
Michel started in 1968 at the Towers store in Cyrville (Ottawa) store number 51. He worked part time in the camera and records department. Around 1970 he became a management trainee. He left Towers/Bonimart in the spring of 1972.    


Michel Giroux

Bonimart, Directeur des ressources humaines, May 1988 – Dec 1990; Directeur de succursale, Mar 1979 – May 1988

Micheline Page

Bonimart Chateauguay

Michelle Ball 

Michelle Dietrich
"My mother worked at Towers on Orfus Road and on Airport Road. She was a supervisor in Accounts Payable and the filing room. I worked there briefly between high school and college in the reproduction department..... RIGHT BESIDE THE MAILROOM!! My mom moved on to Oshawa Foods when Towers was sold as well and then when it changed again to Sobeys. Her name was Debbie LeBlanc."    

Midge Gaudette

Towers North Bay

Mike Boulding

Assistant Manager Trainee Ladies Wear, High Park Towers

Mike Broughton

Welland Towers

Mike Burke 
Mike worked in the North Bay store from 1975 to 1980, Collingwood from 1980 to 1984, Niagara Falls in 1984, and 1985 back to North Bay.     

Mike Hillyer

"Just heard of this site from Mac Sinclair...Owen Sound has a group of aprox 25 past employees that still get together monthly for lunches etc...I'll be passing this site on to them....Thanks for the memories...Mike"

Mike Jubville

Worked at Towers Rexdale.

Mike Lake
Mike worked at the Towers Jane and Finch store. 

Mike MacDonald

Towers Bedford store.

Mike Waddell

Hardware Buyer.

Mildred Pitzner

She worked at Towers Sudbury and passed away February 8, 2009.

Milt Roley

Manager, Sudbury store.

Mirella Tanel

Sales clerk, Towers Department Store, Jun 1975 – May 1980

Mitch McDonald

Towers North Bay

Mohamed  Taleb
Mohamed was a systems analyst for Towers from 1972 to 1976.     


Molly Lafontaine

Towers North Bay

Morley Whittle 
Morley worked for Towers for about 20 years - most of them in the Scarborough store. He lives in Keswick, Ontario. "When I was transferred to Scar #21 in 1978 the store had a playoff hockey pool, that I was not invited, they had it for whoever was working the night shift, I worked days in receiving, so I said I'll have my own, in which I did and still doing it over 30 years later Doug Johnson, Bruce Peck, Scott Brodie, after all these years are still a part of the pool."     


Muriel Martineau

Towers North Bay

Murray Conn

Worked at Jane/Finch.

Myrna Camilleri

Worked at Scarborough store.

Myrna Libman

Towers buyer.

Myrtle Churchill  
Myrtle says "Towers was a great company to work for. We were all family. Worked hard but always had fun."     


- N -

Nancie Alberga (Casamento)  
"...worked at the Lawrence and Midland store. Lots of fond memories."   


Nancy Sarchuk-Hussary  
Nancy's first job, at 16 years old in 1976, was working at Towers Dundas/Bloor St location in Toronto - in the tobacco and cosmetics departments.     


Naomi Overholt 
Naomi worked at the Towers St. Catherine store, as did her daughter Gaye-Anne Overholt-Noiles. Naomi started in 1963 and retired in 1989. 


Narmada Mandavia

Towers Head Office


Natalie Afonso

Goreway Towers

Nicholas Sneek

Senior Buyer Sporting Goods, Department 72, Towers Head Office

Noel Cruz

IT Director, 1986 - 1990

Noreen Mathieu

Towers North Bay

Norine Adams 
As a student, Norine worked five years at the Towers Scarborough store. She recalls " teams and tournaments, dances, just a lot going on. I even still have my 25th anniversary key chain. Great place to work."     

Norm Pratt  
Norm worked at the Towers Welland store. He also worked in the St. Catherines store and moved to Collingwood when that Towers store opened. After a few years with Woolco Catalogue he moved to Owen Sound with Canadian Tire.     


Norma Arlaska
Norma worked at the Towers Riverdale store.     

- O -


Olga Leblanc

Goreway Towers

Ovide Sequin

Towers North Bay

- P -

Pam Jorgenson
Towers Dufferin and Dupont

Pat Johnston-Labrosse

Towers North Bay

Pat Slaughter

Worked at Towers Head Office, Orfus Road, on switchboard

Pat Tales

Towers Head Office

Patricia Campbell

Goreway Towers

Patricia Lauretti
"I worked Loss Prevention from 1972- 1987 Bloor & Dundas with Donna, Bill Casner, Frank Tucci, Gord Thom. It was the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. Brian Cady & Peter Hammerton, Bill White were the H/O bosses, we had a blast!! Peck ran after a shoplifter at night through the parking lot and accidentally landed in a shopping cart. The cops were great, some still with us, some gone. RIP. We had a man who always helped security at the entrance but I can’t remember his name - maybe Joe Resnick? He was the best!! I hope everyone is well, I’m okay." October 25, 2019

Paul Gerhardt

Towers North Bay

Paul Gillen 
Paul ran the produce operation for the two Towers stores on Prince Edward Island for 16 years. 


Paul Nowlan
As assistant manager in the Towers Scarborough store, Paul went on to become managers of the Westwood Mall, Charlottetown, St. Catharine’s, High Park and Jane and Finch stores.     

Paul O'keefe
Paul worked at the Towers Kipling and Queensway store from 1980 to 1987 as a stock-boy and "paint department guy."      

Paul Zettle

Pauline Lisson

Aldershot Towers

Peggy Renaud

Towers North Bay

Pennie Buchner

Peterborough Towers

Peter Christos  
Peter Christos was only 16 years old when he left his native Greece for Canada, landing in Halifax in May 1948. From there he travelled to Belleville, where his uncle had a restaurant. It was there he got his first introduction in running a restaurant. He also worked for seven years as a waiter at the Royal York Hotel. Later he opened his own restaurant, but sold it after awhile to take on the position as manager of Towers Department Stores cafeteria. Peter passed away April 17, 2006.     


Peter Davidson

Controller Oshawa Group 1981 Annual Report reference

Peter Frost 

"I worked in the Electronic Data Processing department from 1980 to 1982 as a computer operator and then as a shift supervisor. I have fond memories of working with Toivo Mitt, Debbie Curtis, and the others on our team. There was a sense of mutual trust and friendship that I have rarely seen in other workplaces."

Peter Hammerton
Loss Prevention, Towers Head Office

Peter Harris 
Worked at Towers Ottawa and Rexdale stores.

Peter Jack

Worked at Towers Head Office in accounting.

Peter Mohn
Towers Jane/Finch as Assistant Manager.


Peter Newman

Manager Training and Development, Towers Head Office

Peter Skewes 
Peter joined Towers as an Assistant Electronics Buyer 1974 and when on to become the Towers Buyer for electronics and cameras. While on a buying trip in Hong Hong, he received word that Towers was no more and rushed around cancelling orders. Peter was also the toy buyer for boys toys, Karen Baillageon was the toy buyer for girls toys.   

Philomene "Phyllis" Gautreau

Phyllis worked at the Towers store in Saint John, N.B. She passed away September 18, 2017.

Phyllis Ferrente

Goreway Towers

- Q -

- R -

Raffaela Marra

Finch and Warden Towers

Ralph Blacklock

Worked at Towers Riverdale

Ralph Harlow
Ralph worked at the Towers Riverdale store as a Store Manager.  


Ramona Mae Campbell

Ramona passed away November 30, 2017

Randy McKeown

"I worked at the Villager Restaurant when I was 17 some 27 years ago. I learned a lot from a lady name Beryl and worked with Susan. I remember Towers for the midnight madness sales. The store I worked at was at Lawrence and Midland. We had McDonalds across the street and Burger King at the corner. I remember we were having a big party and one of the girls working cash wanted me to go so much that she asked my mother to ask me to go. I had to close that Saturday night and not having any wheels, I did not make that party. I wish I did. Thanks for all the memories. "

Randy Morris

Supervisor of Records, and Jewelry and Tobacco, Owen Sound Towers

Ray D. Wolfe
In 1949, Ray Wolfe acquired what was then known as Oshawa Wholesale. A couple of years later he brought Chicago's IGA grocery chain into Ottawa. Oshawa went public in 1957 and entered the retail trade in 1971. It had assets of about CAD 800 million and more than 100 food stores under the banners IGA Dutch Boy, and Food City. In 1980, he was made a member of the Order of Canada. Ray Wolfe passed away in 1990.     

Renate Bleck

Goreway Towers

Rick Andrews

"I started as a Dept Mgr. in various departments and various stores. Left as a store Mgr to start with Coles Bookstores. Left Coles to start a Sales Brokerage. Now retired."

Rick Brousseau

Towers North Bay

Rick Keddy 
Rich started with Towers in 1971 as a part-time stock boy at the Owen Sound store. He left towers in 1976 to join Beaver Lumber and have been in that business ever since.      

Rick Forget

Various Towers stores

Rick Larkin 
All through the seventies, Rick worked in the Peterborough store, running the shoe department. 

Richard Corey

Stratford Towers

Richard Gagnon

Store Manager, Belleville

Rhonda Wolfe

Towers Head Office

Rita DeClue

Worked at Jane and Finch.

Robert Deardon

VP Merchandising (Hardlines)

Robert Gray

National Public Relations Director, Towers Marts and Properties

Robert Mullan
"I worked in the Peterborough store early to mid eighties."

Robert Richard

Towers Westside Mall

Robert Wilson 

Director Loss Prevention

Rocky Brown
Stock boy, Jane/Finch.

Rod Desjardins 

He writes in 2011: "Started with Towers in 1981. Was a manager trainee when Zellers bought Towers. Stayed another 3 years then moved on. Have many friends from the Towers Days. It was a great place to work. Still see many of my co-workers around the city. I worked at store 58, North Bay. Lots of fond memories."  

Roger Mabert

Store Manager, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Roger Scott

Roger began his employment at the Towers Department Store in New Minas. He passed away Saturday, July 14, 2012.

Roman Muetz
In 2015 he writes: "I worked as a student at the Westside Mall Towers as a men's wear clerk from 1972-74. I had a blast and I remember a bunch of people who worked there. The manager was Mr. Brookman (I can't remember his first name) and one assistant manager was named Sid Levine, a feisty little guy who I understand passed away many years ago. Friends of mine were Fiori Pedi who I believe went to the High Park store afterwards, Pat Raimondo, his sister Mary and a girl named Pat Ring who I think Pat R. married. There was also Alex Williams, Gary Burrows and the guys I remember most in Men's Wear, Brian Grell, Conrad Kameka and Robert Richard. A couple of girls stole my heart, first Debi McMillan and then Julie Capiato, who I've now been married to for 34 years. Thanks for the memories."

Ron Burns

Towers Head Office

Ron Chenier 
Ron worked for Towers 28 years in Ottawa, starting when he was 16 years old. 


Ron Dunn

Ron worked in various capacities at Towers from 1973 to 1992.     

Ron Ferguson


Ron Schneider

Department Manager, Stratford Towers

Rosa Santaera

Assistant Buyer for the Electronics Department, Towers Department Stores - Head Office, Jun 1987 – Sep 1988

Rose Clayton
Rose was employed by Towers from 1979 to 1984 .     

Rose Johnston

Finch and Warden Towers

Rose Nicosia

Rose worked at Towers Galleria as a cashier from 1972 to 1976 - her first job as a teenager. She was among the group of cashiers trained and was part of the store opening.  Rose worked the Courtesy Desk and was one of the Head Cashiers (evenings and Saturday).

Rose Panetta

Goreway Towers

Ross Helm

Manager, St. Catherines, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Russ Oickle

Saint John Towers

Ruth Farquhar

Goreway Towers

Ruth Snider

Towers Head Office


- S -

Sam Campbell

Worked at Towers Riverdale.

Sam Singh
Sam Singh Sr. began his confectionery career at Towers Department store as a buyer. When Towers was sold, Sam decided to venture out on his own, starting the family business. S/M Enterprises is a privately owned company operating for over 17 years. The family business is now run by father and son (Sam Singh Jr).  
Samuel J. Rosenstein
Samuel Rosenstein lived in West Hartford from 1946-1961 where he co-founded Roosevelt Mills and subsequently started Towers Department Stores. He passed away in 2009.     


Sammy Sing

Head Office

Sandra Clarke

Sandra Marchand (MacMillan)

Jane & Finch store.

Sandy Tangianu

Goreway Towers

Scott Brodie

Scott Shields

Jane/Finch Towers, H&BA.

Seymour Zuckerman

Assistant to the President, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Shannon Grainger

Riverdale store

Sharon Carty

Goreway Towers

Sharon DiGiorgio
Sharon worked for Hugh Simpson at Orfus Road (1965 - 1972) and Don Beaumont (1979 - 1984).  


Sharon Horton

Welland Towers

Sharon Howe

Towers North Bay

Sharon MacDonald

Sharon Sherman

Buyer Lingerie and Loungewear, Towers Head Office

Shawn Murphy

Towers North Bay

Sheila Cox

Scarborough store

Sherry Lawrence
Sherry worked at the Towers Riverdale store. 

Sherry Van Luven Amaral

"I worked at Towers London late 70's. I was in the restaurant and I worked with Marg Tipping RIP.. She was the most amazing person to work for...My name at that time was Sheryl Van Luven. I was 16 years old and only worked there for a year and when Marg left so did I, I do believe they let her go... I don't remember a lot of people there... I remember Sonya but I can't remember her last name."

Shirle Anderson

Barrie Store


Shirley Boudreau

Sudbury Towers

Shirley Dawes
Shirley is living in Meadford, Ontario. She started, part-time in the cash office, at the Brampton store.  She left Towers, 23 years later, as a Housewares buyer.     


Shirley Guitard

Sudbury Towers

Shirley Noland

Sudbury Towers

Shirley Reeves

Woodstock Towers

Shirley Robinson

Goreway Towers

Shirley Simons

High Park Towers

Sid Levine

Towers Westside Mall

Sid Zon

Men's Wear Buyer

Silvana Waicus

Worked at Towers Galleria, starting in 1977, as part-time cashier, Head Cashier and later Front End Manager. In 1989 took up position as secretary to Janet Robertson, Director of Advertising, at Towers Head Office on Airport Road. In 1991 started working for the Toronto District School Board, where she works still.

Sim Ozel

Stan Lipson

VP Merchandising and, later, President and General Manager Towers.

Stan Young

Finch and Warden Towers

Stephane Joly 
Stephane started in 1984 in the packing department on Rockland Blvd. As a truck driver drove for Towers/Bonimart from 1989 until 1991.     

Stephen Edwards

Buyer, Men's and Boys' Sportswear, Towers Head Office

Steve Edwards

Steve Hebert

St-Jean Bonimart

Steve Heyworth
Towers sporting goods buyer.


Steve LeBlanc 
Steve worked for Towers at Cyrville Rd Baseline Rd Eagleson Rd.

Steven Peters
"I worked as a stock boy and backup cashier at the Kingspoint Plaza location in Brampton at main and vodden in 1986-1988. My first real job. Interesting that i visited a bar that was in one half of the former later zellers and now it's the Good Life that i work out at."


Streat Hollingsworth

Jane & Finch Towers

Stuart Selina

Jane/Finch store

Sue Fukushima
From 1984 until 1986 Sue was a Towers Systems Analyst. 


Sue Seguin

Towers North Bay

Susan Sutherland

Susan Bihuniak 
Susan started with Towers 1974 in the reproduction department. She married long-time employee and buyer Bob MacDonald.     


Susan Payne

Towers North Bay

Susan Williams 
A Senior Research Analyst at Towers Department Stores, 1984 - 1989.

Suzanne Lucciano

Worked at Towers Riverdale

Suzette Thibeault

North Bay Towers

Sylvia Gagnon

Towers North Bay

- T -

Tami Amburg

New Minas Towers

Ted Ashley

Manager, Scarborough, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Ted Smith

Manager Employee Relations, Kent Drugs

Telvina Brown 

Department Manager, Galleria

Teresa Volpe

Auditor/Accounts Receivables, Towers Head Office, 1987 – 1989. Head Cashier, Towers Dixie, 1984 – 1987.

Terri Kennedy Murray

Terry Baxter (Blanchard)

Terry Bowman 
Terry worked at the Towers High Park store.  

Terry Jenkins

Towers North Bay

Terry Maize

Group Sales Manager Soft Lines, Woodstock Towers

Tillie Goldberg


Therese Mailloux

Sudbury Towers

Tim Ladouceur
Tim worked in the Sudbury store from April 1981 to April 1983. He started as part timer building bicycles and eventually went to the toy department. "I never became more than part time though I put in full time hours. Every once i awhile our supervisor would leave me in charge while he went off to do other business."

Tim Wilcox

Owen Sound 

Tina Raso

Goreway Towers

Tom Large 

 "My history with Towers actually goes back to Rite-way Stores at Westside Mall in Toronto. Head office was upstairs and we would always have visitors from the office wandering through the store daily. 

I worked with many great people at Towers including our president Mr Genser who seemed to know everyone by name. Bob Hogg who was manager at Rexdale store and DM in Niagara Falls. I met with Bob Clubley my very first hire recently and we relieved many memories. 

Eric Richardson was by far my very best manager aside from Les Payton. I was able to work in many stores in Quebec, The Maritimes and Ontario for store openings and set-ups and got to know many of the buyers and other DMs. And at Westside we had a hockey team that played against Scarborough store are arch enemies with George Campbell for many years. Does anyone or remember Peter Harris from Ottawa store or Rexdale, I have lost contact with him. And John Iannone from Westside and High Park store. 

I left Towers Galleria after their opening to go with Eatons Horizon with a bunch of other Towers employees. Towers has always been in my heart and mind and I love this website and it has brought back many good memories."

Tom Willison

Tom was the last manager of the St John’s New Brunswick store prior to it going to Zellers. He was Assistant Manager Peterborough (76 to 86); Assistant Manager Cole Harbour when it opened in 87.

Tony Cordi

"I started working at towers in 1985/86. My store was at the Westwood Mall (Towers Goreway). I had a sister and brother-in-law that worked for stores and became managers and went on to work at head office at Airport Road. I have to say as a company, and for the people that I worked with, it was a group that really cared about their work and the company. "

Tony Kwakkenbos

Director of Finance

Tony Sketches

Operations Director, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Tracy-Lynn Denis
Tracy worked in the Ottawa store, on Cyrville Road, from 1987 to 1991. "I have to say for my first job I loved working there and the people were great. I left a little time after Zellers took over, didn't like it then."     


Trevor Carroll
Trevor began his retail career as a sales supervisor for Towers, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1986. Four years later he moved to the Hudson Bay Company as sales manager.

Tricia Marshall

Towers North Bay

Trig Hansos

Advertising Manager, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

- U -

- V -


Vera Barclay

Towers Head Office

Vera Marion Boddy

At the age of 97, Vera passed away in 2019. She greeted locals and visitors for almost twenty years at the Towers department store in North Bay.  

Vera Seayk

St. Catharines, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Vicki Corn

Goreway Towers

Vicky O'Quinn

Jane/Finch Towers Dept Manager (H & BA, Records and cigarette counter)

Vicky Pasic

"I worked for Towers on Goreway. Last days of closing Sayvette, George Campbell (great guy) offered me a job in Towers (will never forget that day). Team of us along with Ralph Corbridge from store planning, went to Jane & Finch (I believe) to merchandising, building shelves etc... . 

Stayed with Goreway Towers for few years with Managers Paul Nolan. Hi! and glad to learn, Eric Richardson is doing well. I must admit, I forgot some of the names, but remembered the faces, after have seen them on this amazing website. Some names still missing. Where are Dana/Wes, Joan Stevens, Philip, Wayne and more?

Moved on to manage a Jean store for few years, then joining my husband in building a 10th.sq.' food production bus. sold it. Moved on to work for Benson and Hedges and last job was with Immigration Lawyer on Bay str. and end up in my own Immigration business.

Retired at 60. and now living healthy and happy tending to my gardening, growing veg. and flowers in Orangeville Ont. To all the co-workers, who remember me – Hello and wish you all the best!" (September 2019)

Vida Summers

Towers North Bay

Vina Giles

Goreway Towers

Vince Martino 
Vince worked at the Towers Rexdale store from 1978 to 1981. 

Vivian Taylor

Cyrville Bonimart

- W -

Wally Mulholland

Manager Advertising, Towers Head Office

Wanda Snider

Waterloo, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Ward Poole


Wayne Cammack
Wayne was the Vice-President, Information Systems at Towers from 1985 - 1988, responsible for Systems Development, Data Centre Operations, Electronic Point of Sale and Personal Computers.


From the Globe & Mail (June 11, 1985): "William L. Atkinson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Towers Department Stores announces the appointment of E. Wayne Cammack as Vice President Information Systems. A graduate of the University of Waterloo with a B.Sc. degree (Physics and Computer Sciences) Mr. Cammack joined Towers in 1980 as Director Electronic Data Processing after several years in senior systems positions with two Canadian department store chains. His current appointment reflects Towers' commitment to leadership in the application of computer based technology to general merchandise retailing." He's now Managing Director at E. Wayne Cammack & Associates. 


Wayne LaBrash

Wayne Noiles 
Wayne worked at various Towers stores from 1969 to 1979 including St. Catherine, Woodstock, Waterloo, High Park, Belleville, Sudbury, Malton, Stony Creek, and Scarborough. In 1970 he married Gaye-Anne Overholt. In 2001, Wayne passed away in Alberta.     


Wendy Bailey

Jane and Finch Towers

Wendy Evangelista
Wendy worked for Towers from 1974 to 1988 from the East Coast to Ontario.  She lives in Bolton, Ontario. She says "Towers taught me so much that I still use in everyday life, retail ended for me in 2006 and I miss it everyday."    

Wes Green

District Sales Manager Eastern Region, Towers Head Office

Mark Whittle

Mark worked as a stockboy, in the Aldershot store, from 1975 to 1977.

William Bar
As a buyer for Towers, Bill travelled extensively, for six weeks at a time, throughout Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China purchasing sporting goods.    


William Atkinson
President and CEO of Towers Department Stores from 1967 until 1992. 

In 2008, Martin Catto wrote: "Basically, I wanted to convey to you that your entry regarding Bill Atkinson under the heading 'where are they' was drawn to my attention while chatting with Bill today when he pointed out with some amusement that you record that he 'passed away in 1992'. While Bill may have a somewhat grave outlook on current economic conditions I am very pleased to report he is alive and well and living in retirement in Oakville and is generally in excellent health and good humor.


A few aging former employees may remember me from when I was at Towers 1978 -- 1981 when I was SVP & CFO. I'm also pleased to report that I am alive and well and living in Upper Nyack, New York and officially retired as I have reached an age where I correctly appear to be generally considered unemployable." Oshawa Group 1981 Annual Report reference

William Sherman

Executive Vice-President Retail Operations (Oshawa Group) and Senior Vice-President Retailing (Oshawa Group)

Willie Vezeau 

Towers North Bay

Winina McLeod


Woodman Chan
Woodman was an Assistant Manager from 1985 - 1989 and a Merchandise Presentation Manager in 1990. 


Woody Bornstein 
Woody writes in 2011: "WOW, WOW......This is quite the website. I can't believe how many dedicated people have taken the time to update themselves and give a history of their careers before and after Towers. I started my retail career working for Towers Riverdale in 1990, and worked in many different stores in many different capacities. My last job was at the Head Office, when the company was sold to Zellers I went on to run a Vending company and then went to work for Shoppers Drug Mart and worked there until I retired about 6 years ago. It has been great reading about some of the people that I remember very well."


- X -

- Y -


Yolande Benoit

Greenfield Park, Towers Marts and Properties Limited


Yves Gauthier

Metropolitan store, Towers Marts and Properties Limited

Yves Payette 
Yves worked for Rockower of Canada and then Towers from 1965 until 1977. He worked my way up to childrenswear buyer at the Montreal head office. 

Yvonne Degagne 

Towers North Bay

Yvonne Labban

Goreway Towers

- Z -

Ziggy Stickland 

Towers North Bay