Towers News

Thanks to Iona (Hixson) Fevreau for this submission. Not sure of the year. I'll guess 1985.
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Page 4 of the Towers Times has all sorts of information about employees. It's reproduced here.


  • Allan MacKinnon as Assistant Manager, Peterborough Towers

  • Arlene Buckton as Supervisor of Health and Beauty Aids, Owen Sound Towers

  • Blair Lefevre as Assistant Manager, Decade Bonimart

  • Christine Rougeau as Buyer Maternity and Half Sizes, Towers Head Office

  • David Steller as Manager Merchandise Presentation, Towers Head Office

  • Donna Douglas as Department Manager, Stratford Towers

  • Gail Zaios as Department Manager, Dufferin and Dupont Towers

  • Janet Robertson as Director Advertising and Sales Promotion, Towers Head Office

  • John Thiessen as Buyer Hardware, Towers Head Office

  • Louis MacKenzie as Assistant Manager, New Minas Towers

  • Lynda Waller as Supervisor Men's Wear, Owen Sound Towers

  • Lynn Goldenberg as Buyer Handbags and Accessories, Towers Head Office

  • Mario Larame as Assistant Manager, Duvernay Bonimart

  • Mike Boulding as Assistant Manager Trainee Ladies Wear, High Park Towers

  • Randy Morris as Supervisor of Records, and Jewelry and Tobacco, Owen Sound Towers

  • Ron Schneider as Department Manager, Stratford Towers

  • Sharon Sherman as Buyer Lingerie and Loungewear, Towers Head Office

  • Ted Smith as Manager Employee Relations, Kent Drugs



  • Dorothy Aqualina, Kipling Towers, to Rick Smith



  • Claude Vaillancourt, Kipling Towers, and wife Lise, a son Sugi

  • Helene Dusseault, St-Jean Bonimart, and husband Ronald, a daughter Annie

  • Janet Radboume, Towers Head Office and husband Robert, a son Michael Robert

  • Jean Subryan, Towers Head Office, and husband Michael, a daughter Anstasia

  • Jill Deeder, Towers Head Office and husband Andre, a son James

  • John Policelli, Goreway Towers, and wife Kathy, a daughter Michelle Marie

  • Joseph Rodney Desjardin, North Bay Towers, and wife Rose, a daughter Heather Elizabeth Anne

  • Kathy Trachsel, London Towers, and husband Jesse, a daughter Amber Lee

  • Lily Gordon, Finch and Warden Towers, and husband Jay, a son Jeremy

  • Marilyn Mazzotta, Towers Head Office, and husband Pasquale, a daughter Chrystal-Ann

  • Monique and Frank Seifert, Sudbury Towers, a daughter Corey

  • Narmada Mandavia, Towers Head Office and husband Bhagwanji, a daughter Amy

  • Richard Corey, Stratford Towers, and wife Judy, a daughter Courtney Christine

  • Ron Chenier, Sudbury Towers, and wife Susanne, a son Luc

  • Sharon Horton, Welland Towers, and husband Dave, a daughter Kristen Ann

  • Steve Hebert, St-Jean Bonimart, and wife Guylaine, a son Gregory

  • Suzette Thibeault, North Bay Towers, and husband Claude, a daughter Jennifer Lee

  • Tami Amburg, New Minas Towers and husband, Robert, a daughter Amy Melissa

Five years

  • Amy Hussey, Finch and Warden Towers

  • Ann Marie Mourot, Sudbury Towers

  • Ann Spiteri, Goreway Towers

  • Anna Kazianka, Goreway Towers

  • Birgit Grohmann, Goreway Towers

  • Blossom Cousins, Sudbury Towers

  • Carmen Zammit, Towers Head Office

  • Cheryl Moyle, Sudbury Towers

  • Chris MacLean, Goreway Towers

  • Dorothy Lee, Goreway Towers

  • Fran Wilcox, Goreway

  • Gail Simpson, Goreway Towers

  • Gloria Campbell, Towers Head

  • Henry Louie, Sudbury Towers

  • John Scholl, London Towers

  • Joy Holley, Goreway Towers

  • Lillian Rubel, Goreway Towers

  • Louisa Mammola, Goreway Towers

  • Louise McGowan, Sudbury Towers

  • Louise Rochon, Sudbury Towers

  • Margaret Deguire, Sudbury Towers

  • Margaret Hay, Goreway Towers

  • Margaret Thomson, Goreway

  • Marie Bonazza, Goreway Towers

  • Marie Raganuskas, Sudbury Towers

  • Mary Rodger, Goreway Towers

  • Melita Camelleri, Goreway Towers

  • Natalie Afonso, Goreway Towers

  • Office Patricia Campbell, Goreway

  • Olga Leblanc, Goreway Towers

  • Pat Tales, Towers Head Office

  • Phyllis Ferrente, Goreway Towers

  • Raffaela Marra, Finch and Warden Towers

  • Renate Bleck, Goreway Towers

  • Rose Johnston, Finch and Warden Towers

  • Rose Panetta, Goreway Towers

  • Ruth Farquhar, Goreway Towers

  • Sandy Tangianu, Goreway Towers

  • Sharon Carty, Goreway

  • Shirley Robinson, Goreway Towers

  • Stan Young, Finch and Warden Towers

  • Tina Raso, Goreway Towers

  • Vera Barclay, Towers Head Office

  • Vicki Corn, Goreway Towers

  • Vina Giles, Goreway Towers

  • Yvonne Labban, Goreway Towers

Ten years

  • Aileen Morrison, Sudbury Towers

  • Audrey Thompson, Woodstock Towers

  • Barbara Fox, Sudbury Towers Lena

  • Bev Theriault, Sudbury Towers

  • Byrne Volt, Kitchener Towers

  • Chapman, New Minas Towers Iona

  • Cumming, Sudbury Towers

  • Dale Bryon, Sudbury Towers Larry

  • Edna Cook, Goreway Towers Elva

  • Florence Lessard, Bonimart Chateauguay

  • Fred Volkes, Sudbury Towers

  • Gorzynski, Sudbury Towers Brenda

  • Grant, London Towers Shirley

  • Guitard, Sudbury Towers Diane

  • Haley, Sudbury Towers Gwen

  • Jenny Szwec, Sudbury Towers

  • Joan McMeekin, North Bay Towers

  • Kanerva, Sudbury Towers Diane

  • Kozack, Aldershot Towers Mary

  • Krakocki, High Park Towers

  • Lanteigne, Sudbury Towers

  • Lynne Sutherland, Woodstock Towers

  • Marga Nickus, Sudbury Towers

  • Marina Pinteric, Sudbury Towers

  • Marina Sealy, Sudbury Towers

  • Maryann Zufferli, Sudbury Towers 15 years

  • Melia Ransom, Sudbury Towers

  • Micheline Page, Bonimart Chateauguay

  • Pauline Lisson, Aldershot Towers

  • Ruth Snider, Towers Head Office

  • Shirley Boudreau, Sudbury Towers

  • Shirley Noland, Sudbury Towers

  • Shirley Reeves, Woodstock Towers

  • Shirley Simons, High Park Towers

  • Therese Mailloux, Sudbury Towers